Explore the World

Geollery presents a mixed reality (MR) world, by teleporting you into interactive, collaborative, and immersive environments. In Geollery, you could explore the social media balloons / doodles / gifts, which are created by nearby Geollers. You can also participant in Geollery: share your own experiences and make new friends!

Learn your Neighborhood

Geollery integrates Social Street View, the first innovates social media platform which blends immersive maps with geo-tagged social media. Our system allows you to explore the nearby restaurants, learn the culture in a remote place, and assist your travel plan with route previews.

Create for Fun and Social Good

In Geollery, we aim to create a fun world for social good. Try today to put up new balloons in the world, doodle on walls with your friends, and even send gifts to each other!

Explore and create in Geollery!

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