Welcome to Geollery!

An Interactive and Collaborative Mixed Reality Social Media Platform!

To begin, please login via your Google / Microsoft / Facebook account. We won't access your private posts but only access your public information.

On a mobile phone, you can grant Geollery location access to explore or create social media while walking outside.

On a computer, you can walk in the world using your W, S, A, D keys.

There are three buttons at the bottom of the interface: Photo, Text, and Gift. You can use them to publish new contents to the Geollery world. The photo and text buttons create new billboards in 3D, highlighting the related media at a geolocation. The gift button allows you to send gift to your friend with an optional password and hint message. Come up with your own mysterious puzzles and invite your friends to crack it!

On the left side of the interface, we present two buttons: Doodling and Chat. Feel free to create a doodling board on any wall of the buildings. You can also create a publicly editable doodling board and invite your friends to create with you. Our program also presents a simple chat function for you to collaborate with your friends.

Finally, if you would like to be invisible to the Geollery world, you can toggle your avatar visibility in the settings page.

Be kind and enjoy the world!

Cheers and have fun!
Geollery Team